How to win at Netent games

  • Jan 22, 2021

Netent is a reputable online casino that is well known for its contribution to the online casino game catalogue. They have been in existence for over two decades and has developed several games. It is possible to win at their games, however, you will need luck and an understanding of some strategies. You can learn more at 1netentcasino

Strategies to win at Netent games

You should note that there is no holy grail strategy that will guarantee your win at any online casino. However, a good understanding of the gameplay and also a good strategy can give you an edge when you play these games. However, the games you choose also determines your chance of winning. You can learn more at luppomodel .

When you choose an online video slot, you only depend on luck to win. There is no strategy for these games. However, if you want to build a strategy, you should choose table games. These type of games offer you the opportunity to put your skill to use in combination with different strategies.


How to win at Table games

Table games include blackjack, poker, keno, baccarat and roulette. These games also depend on luck. However, when you learn how to play the games, apply basic strategies, then you are ready to go. As for blackjack, the game involves getting a hand that is higher than that of the dealer but less than 22.

To do this, you will need to know when to stop hitting and also when to hit. It is generally advised to stop hitting at hard 17. Also, you should split all aces, since this gives you a better chance at winning. When you have a double ten, you should double your bet.

Betting strategies for table games

There are different betting strategies and these include Martingale, Fibonacci and D'Alembert to name a few. These strategies can be used for any table game regardless of gameplay. The martingale betting system is quite simple in the way it operates. The idea is to double your bet for every lost round and revert to initial bet when you win

However, before you use this strategy, you must ensure that the game has a bet that has an odd higher than 45%. Example of these types of bet is the even bet or red/black bet in roulette. This helps to reduce the influence of the house edge. Also, you should only close tables with a very low minimum bet

Fibonacci betting strategy.

The Fibonacci betting strategy also operates like that of the martingale betting strategy. This strategy is based on the popular mathematical sequence with the same name. However, in this strategy, you can only start with 1 and not zero. When you start a new game, you choose a base bet that you will work with.

This base bet is very important for the strategy to work. It must be the lowest bet offered by the table. The idea is to multiply the previous bet of a round by the next number on the Fibonacci sequence. You are to repeat this until you hit a win in which case, you revert back to your base bet

D'Alembert betting strategy

This strategy is a lot different from the first two discussed. It is good for players with a limited bankroll. The strategy depends on the fact that you will have the same number of wins as losses or higher number of wins in the long run. If these two conditions do not come to play the strategy won't work

The idea is to increase your bet by a unit for every loss and decrease your current bet by a unit when you record a win. The unit must bet set at the beginning of the round and it can be 1, 2, 3,4 or more depending on your bankroll. You should test these strategies in demo first.

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